About Alex

Alex is a Hertfordshire based oil painter creating landscapes and floral pieces from the local area. Her work is driven by a passion for nature and plants in both natural and formalised settings. Alex enjoys finding rhythm in tangled patches of plants and explores how they merge together at a low view point. Her paintings are made using both palette knives and brushes, layering up paint, carving back into it or pressing the surface with wool or grasses to help reflect the textures of her subject. The resulting work has a varying surface relief much like that of an embroidery.

Formerly a shoe designer, creating relief is second nature to Alex who designed outsole moulds, leather embosses, appliqué, laser cuts and indeed embroidery as part of the shoe design process. She spent years travelling the world developing her design work and is now enjoying being able to explore what’s on her door step, expressing her love of simple things with paint.

Alex’s paintings can be bought through London Row Fine Art and sister Gallery 1066 in Baldock, Hertfordshire or you can contact the artist via this link for all other enquiries. Commissions welcomed.